"Girl with Baby Devil" oil on canvas

"Girl with Baby Devil" oil on canvas


Oil on Stretched Canvas


by Lucy Chen

I started this painting by writing the scripture of Exodus 16 on the blank canvas.

It tells the story of the Israelites leaving Egypt after being enslaved for four hundred years. Their joy about their new found freedom was short lived, as they found themselves in a desert, not knowing where their next meal would come from. So instead of celebrating, they complained to Moses about making them leave Egypt, where they were abused by their ruthless captors.

Isn't it amazing how a miracle is taken for granted or quickly forgotten as soon as new challenges show up?

The baby Tasmanian Devil in the painting is an endangered marsupial in Australia. She symbolizes our value or something we hold dear to our heart.

I made this painting to remind myself to have faith, to stay centered, and connected to the Divine Whole.



Australia: $50

International (Everywhere Else): $95

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