It’s Time to Create Your Best Self with Grace and Ease


You want to overcome blockages and self-limiting beliefs, stay grounded, focused, feel expansive, have solid boundaries, continue to grow, and be your best self.

You know daily visualisation works, but you don’t have time and you get derailed by outside noises.

Let us combine the magic of Tarot and Art, and use your subconscious mind to help you get there with grace and ease.

Let us co-create Your Personal Tarot Painting!

simone salmon.png

“Lucy automatically tuned in to me before we ever met. I was so happy with the way the image came to be, so vivid, and with my favorite colors! She brought the image to life! 

I can’t imagine a better way to inspire someone for a day, a month, an entire year, and beyond, to create something from their intention, so that they can put on a wall, and see it. The subconscious will always be brought back into that intention and that’s exactly what people need in their lives.”

- Simone Salmon [Psychic medium and author]

The Magic of Tarot and Art

Together, we will

  • find the card that will help you achieve your goal or overcome your challenge,

  • discover what symbols are personally meaningful to you, and

  • create your one-of-a-kind Personal Tarot Card painting with you as embodiment of that card.

This is a personal custom made-for-you Tarot talisman that you can hang anywhere in your environment.

Every time you walk past it, your subconscious mind will recenter your energy and your thoughts and help you re-align with your vision.

commission your painting

Here’s how it works:

1. Book a Discovery Call: we will discover the card for you and your personal associations.

2. Purchase and Process: choose to pay in full or with a 6-month payment plan. Once the first payment is received, I will work on a concept drawing. When the payment is received in full, I will start the painting. We can get on an extra call to further refine the concept and revise the drawing.

3. Painting and Framing: your painting will be professionally framed and ready to hang.

4. Delivery: when painting is safe for shipping, you will be able to track the shipping status online.

About Your Painting:

• Oil Painting on Birch Wood Panel

• Painting size without frame is 8” x 11.5”

• Painting size with frame will be larger depending on the frame

Pay in Full


Payment Plan

USD$450 x 6 months