Art E-Courses

“Creativity takes courage.”
― Henri Matisse


Waking The Witch Within

Hello creative friends! I am beyond excited to be sharing my magical journey with you!

In this course, you will practice your drawing and painting skills to paint in both realistic and impressionistic style. If you ever felt intimidated or confused by oil painting, this course will make it easy, simple and safe for you to get started.

And you will tap into your dreams and daily magical moments to create something that is meaningful and personal to you. In other words, you will alchmise your emotions and experience into art!


Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018

This year long art course is hosted by Olga Furman, and a collaboration of 24 international artists and teachers.

This course is about creating narrative art. So not only will you learn a variety of techniques to paint portraits and figures, you will also get lessons on landscape, flowers, and animals in order to expand your visual story telling ability.

This is my 2nd time teaching this course, and feedback from the past year has been amazing!

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Let's Face It 2018

In this collaborative art e-course hosted by Kara Bullock, we will be studying different art movements. From Da Vinci to Matisse, from Rembrandt to Monet, from Mary Cassatt to Alice Neel, and many more.

Through discussions, inspirations, technique demos, and step-by-step video classes, each teacher will share their lessons with a master. You will learn about art history, the significance of each art movement (in a FUN and practical way), and see how each artists take inspirations from the "old", and make it into their "own".

Join us on this incredible journey to take your work to a new level!


Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017

In this collaborative art course, 18 teachers come together to share with you inspirations, techniques and a variety of mediums on how to create portraits and figurative work that express your heart. You will also learn about painting flowers and landscapes to further expand our visual storytelling ability.

This 50 week long art journey includes at least 40 lessons, with step-by-step demo, completed artworks, and more inspiration for your further exploration. You can also participate in some fun activities, including Student Action-Sale Party at the end of the course.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to expand and be inspired!


Paint Your Vermeer

Do you admire the Old Masters' paintings? Do you wonder how they create such beautiful realistic portraits with luminous colors? Would you like to learn to do that, too?

In this course, You will use the same colors and techniques Vermeer used to create one of his most famous paintings. You will watch me do it step by step, with detailed instruction every step of the way.

Employing this same method, you can create beautiful luminous colors in any portrait work! You will know how to use glazes to make your portrait glow.