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EYES ON THE PRIZE, oil and cold wax on cradled wood panel, 6"x6", by Lucy Chen

EYES ON THE PRIZE, oil and cold wax on cradled wood panel, 6"x6", by Lucy Chen


Hi artist,

Do you like travelling? What do you like the most about visiting a new countrie?

For me, it's everything visual!

The bright poppy fields of Italy, the minimalist aesthetic of Japanese Ikebana, the bold passionate red of Spain, the rich Aztec and Maya symbols of Mexico...

Yes, yes, yes! All the places I want to visit and more!

While work, finances, kids and other things may be challenges that keep you from travelling, now you can experience your dream vacation destination through our new collaborative online course!

Hosted by Olga Furman, Around the World Through Art is a collaboration of 14 artists, where we take you on a visual and creative tour to 14 different places around the world, and make art that's inspired by these places!

Sneak Peek of My Lessons

Guess where I'm taking you?

If you guessed China, you're spot on!

Born and raised in China, I've always loved the traditional Chinese ink paintings (though I never had the chance to study it), and I'm a humble student of the philosophy of Lao Tzu.

And I have two mini lessons plus one main lesson for you!

In my mini lessons, you'll create two small paintings that are inspired by the traditional ink paintings but using oil and cold wax (one of these is featured above). Instead of smooth and fluid like ink, the paintings we create will be textured and layered, while still expressing the traditional Chinese aesthetics.

In my main lesson, you'll keep exploring different cold wax techniques to create a portrait of a Chinese woman, while studying and incorporating some of Lao Tze's philosophy into your work.



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