Which Year Long Course Should You Choose


There are a few year long courses that are running today, each one a collaboration of about 20 teachers. Which one should you choose?

I am guest teaching in two of them, Paint Your Heart and Soul hosted by Olga Furman, and Let's Face It 2018 hosted by Kara Bullock.

With some behind-the-scene knowledge of the courses and the teachers involved, here is a comparison of the two, what are their similarities, differences, and how each one can be beneficial to a beginner and intermediate artist.

What's Similar Between the Courses

First of all, they are all year long courses, with lessons delivered to you each and every week of the year.

Price is a super good deal for both courses, considering the huge amount of course materials, teachers involved, range of techniques, media, and styles you get to explore, and the duration of the course. There is no better value for money than these year long courses. The average cost per video lesson is only about $2. Seriously, it is amazing!

They are all designed for beginners and intermediate artists. Whether you have never drawn or painted before, or you have experience but want to expand your art tool or discover new sources of inspiration, both courses are great for you.

Both courses have an emphasis on portraiture and figurative art.

Both courses explore a huge variety of media, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, oil, encaustic, and mixed media.

Both Olga and Kara, hosts of the courses, are super sweet, extremely supportive, loves teaching, and very approachable.

Both courses offer private Facebook groups where you can share your art, get direct feedback from the teachers, and stay in touch with other students. Olga and Kara have spent a long time and effort cultivating supportive and warm communities for their students.

What Are the Differences Then?

Let's Face It 2018

Let's Face It 2018 will focus on studying different art movements from Renaissance, Impressionism, Art Nouveau, Expressionism, Abstract, Surrealism, to Contemporary, and anywhere in between.

Each teacher take you on a journey to become an "apprentice" of the master from each art movement. Together, we will study a bit of art history, what makes the Masters' work significant, and make art that is inspired by that Master.

I will be studying under Henri Matisse and Alice Neel this year. I cannot wait to dive deeper into two of my favorite artists, and let them lead me somewhere new!

Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018

Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018 will focus on making narrative art, or what we call story art. This means on top of an emphasis on faces and figures, we will also explore an array of symbols, backgrounds, patterns, and a variety of visual elements from flowers to animals, which will help you tell your story and express your soul's desires.

I will incorporate some healing practices in my lessons, with themes related to emotional and spiritual well being. My lesson will focus on helping you reconnect with your truth and your awakening through art.

Which One is For You?

I hope this post answered some of your questions, and helped you choose what is right for you for the coming year. Neither of these course contradict or repeats each other, and they offer very different and unique lessons, projects, and themes.

To read more about these workshops and sign up to either one or both, please click these links:

Let's Face It 2018

Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018

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