Unboxing Tarot Deck - The Everyday Enchantment Tarot

Queen of Wands, by Poppy Palin

Queen of Wands, by Poppy Palin

Nine of Cups, by Poppy Palin

Nine of Cups, by Poppy Palin


I bought my FIRST ever Oracle deck when I knew NOTHING about Oracle cards or Tarot cards. I bought it because I loved the artwork, and I thought it was a BARGAIN to pay about $30 for a few dozen mini prints of beautiful paintings!

I bought my FIRST ever Tarot deck for the same reason, to collect the artworks, knowing nothing about Tarot. And they have led me down this amazing and wonderful road of spirituality, and I am so deeply grateful.

Tarot cards and art are so intricately connected, and I am immersed in both every single day of my life.

So I thought, why not share with you, my dear audience, Tarot decks I have and a little bit of my personal Tarot practice?

Here is our first unboxing of The Everyday Enchantment Tarot, by the absolutely amazing Poppy Palin.


Towards the end of the video, I asked the deck, “How can I be more bold in my creativity?”

I got the same card that I had been getting everytime I ask about my career or prosperity recently. And I loved it!

You can click here to purchase this beautiful deck before it runs out of print!

I hope you enjoyed this unboxing video!

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