Sparks of Inspiration for Busy Creatives


Hello friends,

Do you ever feel like there is not enough time in the day to practice your art skills? Some days, there is no time at all to put pencil to paper or brush to canvas.

Or sometimes you want to find a good reference photo to work from, but you spend way too much time finding the copyright free and also inspiring photo and by the time you find it, the drawing or painting has to wait till the next day, or more.

Does that sound like you?

I hear you! We’ve all been there!

This is why I’m very happy to join Olga Furman and a group of 12 artists in this new collaborative online course called Sparks of Inspiration.

This course is NOT like any other!

How Is This Course Different?

This course is NOT about making masterpieces.

This course is about Simple Daily Practices that you can do, even when you feel that you have little or no time!

You will learn:

  • how to spot sparks of inspiration from your own surroundings and everyday moments

  • how to draw or paint from life, and from references

  • how to use limited art supplies, while exploring a variety of media to find some that suits YOUR daily practice style.

Instead of long videos, the videos in this course are short and sweet, packed with tips you can put into use right away.

What’s in My Lessons


While I love nothing more than the creamy, butterly, and colorful oils and oil pastels, there are days I simply can’t get to them. While I don’t create, I feel unproductive and I can get moody LOL!

The next best thing for me is simply taking out a small sketchbook and a black Sharpie to make one or more quick sketches.

Sometimes I bring my little tools in my bag and I make quick sketches of people in the cafe. Sometimes I just sit down after shower and draw myself in the bathrobe, or the toys that are laying around.

In my lessons, I will share my Sharpie sketching with you.

It is now on sale at Early Bird Special of $89 (which is a $30 discount from regular price of $119)! Click here to check it out.

Giveaway Winner

As a guest teacher, I have one spot to giveaway to a lucky winner.

All of you who have shared this post on Facebook had been entered into the draw and a winner was randomly drawn.


The winner is Kathy Reed! Congratulations! Please contact me so we can get you in the course.