Paint Your Dreams Into Reality

DREAMING OF KOI  by Lucy Chen, 12"x24"x1", oil and cold wax on stretched canvas.  Original SOLD.  Click here for Prints of various sizes .


by Lucy Chen, 12"x24"x1", oil and cold wax on stretched canvas.

Original SOLD. Click here for Prints of various sizes.

One advantage of being able to paint is that you can literally paint your dreams into reality.

In my teens and twenties, I used to repeatedly dream of being in a lush green bush/forest and come upon a river full of bright red and orange koi fish. Now at age 35, I've finally brought that dream into daylight.

A search on Google tells you that, 

"When Koi fish swims to your dreams, they may have come to remind you of friendships, affection, and love, and to remind you to act without pride or ego. Koi can also represent tenacity, perseverance, patience, courage, and success, and a reminder that you have all you need to overcome any challenges that cross your path."

The Outside World vs Inside the Studio

I think the first message was especially true for my younger self, when the friendships I made would pretty quickly fall apart. I was sometimes accused of being too blunt and too straight forward. And I could never handle office politics. 

Even to this day, I still don't have many friends, and I guess some would say I'm disconnected with the "real world" - I don't even have a TV. I have made some efforts to go to school parent meet ups or playground days, but I simply don't fit in.  

I'd rather stay in my studio, digging into my dreams, and pouring them onto canvases.

Those Who Speak Art as the Universal Language

In this way, I feel very connected with artists I've met online, especially the artists in our Heartful Soul Artist Collective group, and the Paint Your Heart and Soul group. I guess we are all similar in some way. We may be shy or introverted, but also passionate and unconventional. We may be misunderstood by the outside world, but we understand each other, often without having to exchange many words. Art is the universal language.

I also had the fortune to meet some artists in person. When Donna, an artist from the Sunshine Coast, and I met for the first time, I felt a connection right away. There was no need to wear a mask and pretend to be interested in something that I'm not, or worry that I may say the wrong thing (like I usually do). I felt safe and understood even though it was the first time we met.

My Lesson Plan for Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018

Speaking of connecting and communities, I wish you will join us and paint along with me in Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018. I have learned and grown so much this year as a teacher and a student, and it was a great honour to be invited back by Olga to teach again next year.

I will be teaching two lessons in Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018. In both lessons, I plan to share with you some cold wax techniques, which I used "Dreaming of Koi" you see here.

In my main lesson, I would also share with you on how to use Tarot Cards to tap into your intuition and have your own intuition guide your work when you feel unsure. There will also be something about dreams. 

I really hope you will join us. It is going to be an even more amazing year! Join us now by clicking here.

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