Do You Know Your Matron/Patron Deity?


Recently, I’ve had a Spirit Guide reading done with Avalon Cameron and it was Artemis who came through as my matron goddess!

I made a drawing of her and copied a prayer I found and liked into my Book of Shadows.

I’ve always felt a strong connection with Artemis. 

My first encounter with her was through my cousin’s Japanese comic books. I remember the stories were loosely based on Greek mythologies, but I was very young (probably around 10yo) at the time, and the only thing I remember from those books were the name Artemis, in its Chinese writing that mimic the pronunciation. I remember thinking: is this a girl’s name or boy’s name?

Fast forward 20+ years, I read the book Goddesses in Every Woman and every word about the Artemis archetype just felt like speaking about my heart.

When I learnt to paint, I had to paint her.

ARTEMIS, oil on stretched canvas, by Lucy Chen.

ARTEMIS, oil on stretched canvas, by Lucy Chen.


I share my understanding of the archetypes, how they play out in modern day life, and my creative process of Artemis, and two other goddesses in my online course Goddesses in You.

The course is self-study, which means you can take it at your own pace, and download all the videos, too.

You can use any art supplies. It’s all about opening up to the divine feminine through art. The tools is a means and not the end.

Click here to see some of my students’ artworks from the course, using a variety of art supplies, oils, acrylics, color pencils, and mixed media.

If this calls to you, I would love to have you join us!

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