Study Under the Masters in Let's Face It 2018

Let's Face It 2018 e-course. To study under the Masters with these teachers, from Renaissance to Modern Expressionism, click image for more info.

Let's Face It 2018 e-course. To study under the Masters with these teachers, from Renaissance to Modern Expressionism, click image for more info.


Hello! my creative friends! I am super excited to announce that I'm going to be teaching in Let's Face It 2018!

What is Let's Face It 2018?

Let's Face It is a collaborative year long e-course created by Kara Bullock and first launched in 2016. It is for anyone wanting to practice creating portraits and figurative art, and is especially designed for those of you who have felt scared or intimidated to do so at some point in your life. The course is now growing into its third year with a bigger than ever student community.

In 2018, we will be studying different art movements. From Da Vinci to Matisse, from Rembrandt to Monet, from Mary Cassatt to Alice Neel, and many more, we will become the "apprentice" of each of these masters as we progress through the year.

Through discussions, inspirations, technique demos, and step-by-step video classes, each teacher will share their lessons with a master. You will learn about art history, the significance of each art movement (in a FUN and practical way), and see how each artists take inspirations from the "old", and make it into their "own".

Who Is This Course For?

Have you ever felt an inkling to create, but are somehow afraid to take the leap forward?

Have you been creating for sometime but are worried about what is your style and what is "theirs"?

Have you ever been afraid to create art that was inspired by another artist because you don't want to be seen as a "copycat"?

Have you ever wanted to learn more about art history but found academic teachings and books simply suck out the fun of art and creativity?

If you answer "yes" to any one of the questions, then you do not want to miss Let's Face It 2018!

You will leave this course with freedom and confidence in your art, and take your work to a grand new level.

How to Win a FREE Spot in the Course

Let's Face It 2018 is not open for registration yet! But click this page and save it in your bookmark, so that on 2nd October, you can come back and register.

And guess what? As a guest teacher in this amazing team, I get to give one of you a FREE spot in the course!

Here's how to enter:

  1. Share this link by copying and pasting it on your social media page. If you're on Facebook, simply click this post and share and I'll see it.

  2. Sign up for my newsletter, if you haven't already, by clicking here (you'll get a book from me for free);

  3. Come back and leave a comment below to let me know where you've shared.

Each time you share, I will enter your name into the draw. Each share counts as one entry. Multiple shares means multiple entries!

I will announce the winner on my birthday, 28th September, in my newsletter and on Facebook. So be sure to sign up to check if you are the lucky one!

Can you guess which master artists I'm going to study with you? Take a guess to earn an extra entry :)

UPDATE: Winner is Ildy Karsay. Congratulations!

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