Let's Brew Some Magic Through Paint

Click the image for more info about Waking the Witch Within e-course and to enroll.

Click the image for more info about Waking the Witch Within e-course and to enroll.


Hello, creative friends! I am so excited to have the opportunity to share with you my magical journey through paint! It is called "Waking the Witch Within".

"Being a witch is remembering.

It's the GREAT remembering.

It's the remembering of who you were before you forgot.

And then it's the lifelong job/journey/quest/adventure of reconnecting - over and over again - to your forgotten knowing.

I invite you to start reconnecting with that forgotten knowing here."

-- Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic., by Lisa Lister

Why Witch?

Aren't they evil ugly hags who worship the devil (or worse, eat children)?

Before I get you worried, may I switch your imagination to that of Hermione Granger, Profession McGonagall, or Mrs. Molly Weasley (well, there's Bellatrix Lestrange, too)?

You see, for the last two thousand years and more, women have been suppressed and forced to hide their power and dim their light in order to be safe, but never fulfilled.

Women who dared claimed their truth were called a "witch", so they could be shamed, or even prosecuted. Some of these women were indeed practicing indigenous rituals, or are midwives, or natural healers. But the most majority are simply "ordinary" women who have an opinion, and dared expressed them in some form!

Paint a soulful portrait with this limited palette.

Paint a soulful portrait with this limited palette.


So What is a Witch?

Fortunately, the current spiritual awakening we're all experiencing is also a returning to Mother Earth. It is an awakening of the feminine, a restoring of balance, and a returning to harmony, connection, and love.

If you've ever made nutritious meals and yummy foods to nurture your body, then you are a witch.

If you've ever used herbal medicine or natural remember to heal or support your health, then you are a witch.

If you've burnt essence or used essential oils to create a peaceful home or to ignite passion in the bedroom, then you are a witch.


If you've ever alchemised your emotions and experiences into words, drawings, or paintings, then YOU are a WITCH!

A witch is a woman who remembers her creative power and begins the lifelong journey to reconnect with it.

We will dive deeper into this at the beginning of the course to start the journey of reconnection, so it will be reflected in our work and give it more meaning.


What Will You Learn in This Course?

I know many of you feel intimated or confused about oil paint, or are concerned about the smell and safely. After watching the introduction videos, you will not only feel find it easy and simple to begin your adventures into oil, but you will feel confident about the safety even if you have little kids around.

In our first project, you will tap into your magical dreams, and discover what it means to you personally to be a witch. You will then use the Old Master Titian's technique to create a realistic looking portrait to tell your story. Did I mention that you only need a limited palette of five colors for this project?

In our second project, I'll show you how to draw a portrait from a difficult angl, and how to surrender, trust the process, and listen to your muse as the panting changes and evolves. You will develop a collection of patterns and symbols that are meaningful to you, and even try to create your own sigil. You can then choose to incorporate them into your own paintings for this project and beyond.

In our third project, I'll guide you to take a look at your life stories, to discover the magic in your daily life, and to inspire you to take ownership of your witch power! You will choose from these magic moments or powers to create an Impressionistic style self portrait. You can paint along with me as you watch me mixing colors on the palette.

All three projects come with full colored PDFs (almost 90 pages altogether), with step-by-step instructions, and even printouts for tracing if you are worried that you can't draw. Watch out for some extra bonus, too!

Winners of Our Giveaway

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We will see you in class!

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