Have You Been to an Online Art Show?

JUST AROUND THE COLOR FLOWERS, oil on canvas, by Lucy Chen

JUST AROUND THE COLOR FLOWERS, oil on canvas, by Lucy Chen

If you've been to an art gallery, you probably have felt a little intimidated?

Maybe you feel that you have to be really quiet, and then you look at the price list... Well, just know that the galleries take 50-60% of the price, and pay the artist months later (if at all).

Things are changing now, for both the artists and the collectors.

With social media and the Internet, artists are able to collaborate, bypass the middleman (aka the galleries), and reach collectors directly. The result is more connection between the two, and much more reasonable price for the buyers.

The HeArtful Soul Artist Collective monthly auction is one of these events, where we bring artists and art lovers together, getting to know each other, offering completely transparent prices, and give buyers the opportunity to support their favorite artists, and acquire artworks at great prices.

Following my success in last month's auction where all my original paintings were sold, I am very honored and happy to have been invited back this month to offer a few pieces.

If you want to know what it is about, cheer me on, discover some amazing artists, or even buy a piece or two at a great price, join us on Facebook by here.

This auction is happening online monthly, on Facebook, where a group of selected artists sell their most recent artwork monthly, and share their work-in-process.

Why not click here and request to join the Facebook group now?

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