How to Use Complementary Colors in Painting

SCARLETT, 8"x12", oil pastel on paper, by Lucy Chen.

SCARLETT, 8"x12", oil pastel on paper, by Lucy Chen.


What are complementary colors and how to use complementary colors in painting? How about in an oil pastel painting? What are the specific techniques to mix or blend complementary oil pastel colors?

You will find the answers to these question in today’s video painting time lapse.


Color Choices through Creative Portraits

If you’d like to learn more about Color Theory and how to use it to guide your color choices in painting, I’m hosting a series of “Color Choices through Creative Portraits” tutorials on my Patreon Page

In the first tutorial, you’ll learn about the Color Wheel, and a full walk-through of creating this oil pastel painting (30-minute video), putting your knowledge of complementary colors into practice.

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Materials List:

Gamsol -----➢
Sennelier Oil Pastel Assorted Set -----➢
Sennelier Oil Pastel Portrait Set -----➢
300gsm watercolor paper -----➢

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