Do You See the Beauty or Ugly in the World?

FEATHER LIGHT I, oil on canvas, 8"x10"x1.4", by Lucy Chen.

FEATHER LIGHT I, oil on canvas, 8"x10"x1.4", by Lucy Chen.


I don't have a TV. Many people are shocked when they find out, and they ask me, what do you do at home?

I tell them that I have lots of things I can do. I paint, read, study, housework, and more. I also watch Netflix. But the difference is that I am consciously choosing what I want to consume, rather than being unconsciously fed whatever others think I should know.

How do you know what's going on in the world then? Aren't you outdated then? Don't you want to know about the natural disasters, the shootings, and the terrorist attacks? Aren't you putting your head in the sand?

Wellness Abounds

Abraham Hicks says, one of the problems with the media is that they have taken upon themselves to point out to use the things that go wrong, and they've amplified it out of proportion.

Does the media tell us how many people saw beautiful sunrise today, how many people's hearts beat right, how many mothers loved their children, etc.? Despite all the bad stuff, wellness is predominant.

Human has evolved to pay a lot more attention to what is wrong out there for survival reasons - it was much more important to notice the tiger in the bush than spotting the berries. But maybe it's time we question whether this survival instinct is still serving us in life?

Beauty or Ugly

We all see the contrast, the beauty and the ugly, the sadness and the joy, the love and the hate.

Some artists decide that "the world is ugly and therefore I'm going to show it to you". Some artists decide that "the world can be ugly and therefore I'm going to show you the beauty in it."

There's nothing wrong or right about either, and both are simply different approaches, and both have their place and serve their unique purpose.

In view of all the terrible things happening, I feel especially drawn to make something that's light instead of heavy. Not because I'm blind to the tragedies, but in this world of duality, I wish to show you the beauty. I believe we need this kind of art to put the contrast and duality in a more balanced perspective.

Although sometimes sadness comes through, I wish that I can still convey a sense of wellness and beauty through my work.

Reconnect through art

Whether you're purchasing a piece of my original art, an art print, look at them online, or enrol in my art classes, what I want you to feel is a reconnection with the beauty and wellbeing in the world, or within yourself.

Can you feel me?

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