The Waking of an Enchantress

 ENCHANTRESS, 16"x12", oil on stretched canvas, by Lucy Chen. Available  here .

ENCHANTRESS, 16"x12", oil on stretched canvas, by Lucy Chen. Available here.


She can be charming, or dangerous. You either hate her or love her.

The last few months, I've been drawn to paint portraits of witches.

Why Were Witches Burned?

If not for J.K. Rowling, the word is most likely to evoke the image of a hag-like woman with a crooked nose, hovering her cauldron, brewing some evil potion.

The word is still associated with negativity and ugliness in many cultures and many places, after hundreds, if not thousands, of years of patriarchal conditioning. Women who dared claimed and used their powers were shamed, prosecuted, or even burned at the stake.

As a woman, we bear the memory and pain, as well as wisdom and power of all those who went before us. Those who dared, and those who dimmed their light in order to be safe, but never fulfilled.

Waking of the Witch

I feel the current spiritual awakening we're all experiencing is giving new meaning to the word "witch". Or rather, returning the truth to women.

Lisa Lister says in her book Witch: Unleased. Untamed. Unapologetic that any women who alchemizes their experiences and emotions is a witch. I totally agree! This is what we do as creatives. We alchemize our experiences and emotions through writing, journaling, drawing, and painting.

So here is a video, dedicated to all you witches out there. Let us awaken to our truth, be more of who we are, and heal and serve in every of our unique ways.



waking your inner witch

Making art is one of the best ways to reconnect with your inner self, tap into your inner wisdom, and even heal some deep rooted wounds. 

If you are ready to start the journey of reconnecting through art, I would love to have you join my Waking The Witch Within art course.

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