Would you like to have a deeper connection with yourself?

Once upon a time, there was a young woman (Lucy) who worked very hard to meet and exceed her dad's expectations to make him proud, and make her mum regret leaving her.

Every day, she strived to climb the corporate ladder in finance. Yet despite her increasing pay check, she felt a pice of her soul was being sucked out of her life as time passed.

One day, when she was depressed and seven-months pregnant with her second child, she stumbled upon an online art class and from there painted her first ever portrait.

Because of that, her heart was knocked open, and her dormant spirit started to awaken.

Because of that, she started to feel more connected with the world and with herself, instead of feeling isolated and lonely. She started to honor, accept, and embrace her shadow, as well as her light.

Until finally, she learned that art and art making is a way of seeing the beauty and well being in the world and in herself, and it is a way of living in the abundance of that beauty and well being. She decided that she was an artist.

I can help you reconnect with the beauty and well being in your world and in yourself, and start living more consciously, through art and creativity.

As a woman who has struggled to find her identity, her life purpose, who has to juggle many balls as a modern woman does, who has been through deep depression and self-loathing and come through to the other side, I know what it is like to feel lost, trapped, and disconnected.

The mass media has not been set up to make us feel good about ourselves or the world. As Abraham Hicks says, the media has taken upon itself to point out the things that go wrong and amplify it out of proportion.

My art is created with the intention to connect with the beauty and well being in this world, and in ourselves. I believe we need this kind of art to put the contrast and duality in a more balanced perspective. So we can journey more consciously as human beings.

My art course are designed to help you reconnect with the beauty and love of your soul, and to help you develop and improve your technical skills so you can express that beauty and love. As you may already know, the creative process is as empowering as it is healing.

I love working with you because we both value art and creativity. We know that art truly makes the world a better place because it makes each and every individual who owns and makes art a better person.



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