Tarot Paintings to Help You Create Your Best Self

MAGICAL Paintings to Help You Create A MAGICAL LIFE

  • Free Your Imagination

  • Live with Intention

  • Manifest Your Vision


Do you get derailed by outside noises?

  • Life throws you a curveball just when you feel on track?

  • Self-limiting beliefs holding you back?

  • Struggling with self-worth issues?

  • Hard work hardly making a difference?

  • Feeling energetically mis-aligned?

  • No time for daily meditation or visualisation even though you know it'll help?


Feel more clarity, focus, and confidence. Manifest your vision with grace and ease.


"I am beyond excited. It feels so empowering and positive to have a selfie portrait to celebrate this moment in my life. Great experience all round."

Emma Veiga-Malta [Founder of Bespoke Backdrops & Branding]


Let your subconscious mind work FOR you.

simone salmon.png

“Lucy automatically tuned in to me before we ever met. I was so happy with the way the image came to be, so vivid, and with my favorite colors! She brought the image to life! 

I can’t imagine a better way to inspire someone for a day, a month, an entire year, and beyond, to create something from their intention, so that they can put on a wall, and see it. The subconscious will always be brought back into that intention and that’s exactly what people need in their lives.”

Simone Salmon [Psychic medium and author]




1. Choose Your Personal Card


2. Hang Your Painting Where You Can See It Everyday


3. Manifest Your Best Self.



embody the star that you are by Creating your own tarot card


 Don’t get derailed by outside noises. Don’t wait for life to happen. Be empowered to create the Magical Life that You Deserve!